Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Tanner Remembers

I spent part of Monday at my daughter Erin's house, playing with grandson Miles, tidying Erin's kitchen, and taking Tanner for a LONG walk--which we both loved. The best part for me was that he remembered me from my dog-sitting week a couple of weeks ago. He jumped when I came in and when I proposed a walk--he was all for it! We walked the familiar streets, each doing what we like best. He sniffed. I looked at the sky and scenery! When we arrived home he ran to the door to the yard, waiting for me to play soccer and tug-of-war with a toy, as we had done everyday that I took care of him. I'm so happy. I will never forget him and now I know that he won't forget me. It's grand-dog Tanner and Grammy--together forever!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Golden Years

It's official! My latest book in the WIMPS series will be published March 1, 2008. Here's a photo of the page from the Harvest House Spring Catalogue. The more I write about the aging process and the humor it brings, the more relaxed I am with getting older. Forget a word here, a pair of glasses there, a name of a good friend today, papers I planned to file tomorrow, then forgot! Isn't it nice to know none of this will matter in heaven? The place Jesus has prepared for us will be clean, free of clutter and calendars, and cozy. No more sin. No worries. No sickness or crisis. Just Jesus and us. Now that's something to look forward to. When I think about that, I'm not so concerned about there being less time ahead of me than behind me. The prize for which we strive now is just around the corner.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Loving Tanner

Last week I dog and house-sat for my daughter and her family. Tanner, a chocolate lab, and I became very attached to one another. I love him so much. He is friendly, sweet, loves to cuddle and play fetch and also likes to steal my sunhat so I'll chase him around the room to get it back. Best of all he loves to take long walks each morning and evening and play soccer in the backyard in the afternoon. I didn't get much work done while I was there but I sure had fun and so did he. It is amazing the lessons a dog can teach without saying a word. His devotion humbled me. His affection inspired me. His obedience blessed me. Oh that I would be towards God as Tanner was toward me. I shall remember what I observed and felt from him as I turn my heart to the Lord each day, renewing my love and adoration and gratitude.

Monday, January 07, 2008

Back to the Keyboard

It's Monday morning--late morning--and I'm just getting started at my desk. Under ordinary circumstances I might say I've wasted half the day doing nothing in particular. But then I review what I've done so far. I slept in because I went to bed too late last night. I got up, did some stretching exercises with my husband, dressed, prepared and served oatmeal with peaches and banana slices and vanilla yogurt and pure maple syrup. That took some time. Then Charles and I spent twenty minutes reading some scripture and praying for friends and family. And next I wrote notes to two people I care about. I'm glad I took a moment to write all this. The truth is I've had a very successful day--and it's not even noon!

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Dancing IN the New Year!

Happy 2008 everyone! Last night my husband and I watched a tribute to Ella Fitzgerald televised live from Lincoln Center in New York City. In the midst of one romantic jazz ballad after another, I pulled Charles by the hand and said, "Let's dance"--I in my Uggs and Charles in his sneakers. It was one of the closest moments we've ever had. It was sweet and spontaneous. I'll never forget holding my beloved and swaying to the music in front of our fireplace, with embers glowing.

Today is a new day--filled with de-decorating our house, vacuuming Christmas tree needles from the floor, praying for family and friends for blessings in the new year and getting back to business. It was also a special morning for us as we watched our grandson Jacob Bogart perform in the Rose Parade as part of the Lakota West High School Marching Band from West Chester, Ohio.

Let's skip the resolutions this year--and instead commit to living life in the moment, mindful of our responsibilities, of course, but also willing to be spontaneous. Let's dance all year long!