Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Home Again

Just returned from nearly three weeks on the road–speaking in Bakersfield, leading workshops at the Mount Hermon Christian Writers Conference, and visiting our daughter and her family in Santa Cruz County for Easter week. What a glorious time. Charles and I enjoyed rest and relaxation as well as walking, talking, eating, reading, and sleeping! The hills were alive with healthy trees and flowers and green, green grass everywhere, thanks to the heavy spring rains. I came home refreshed and rejuvented and very, very grateful that I am alive to enjoy what comes my way.

Monday, March 07, 2005

Portrait of a Lady

On Saturday Charles and I attended a celebration of our friend Perrietta's 80th birthday given with love from her three adult children. It was one of the most tasteful and beautiful events I've ever experienced. Perrietta is an artist and art instructor of reknown, especially here in San Diego. She is a woman of wit, wisdom, creativity, deep spirituality, and adventure. I want to be just like her when I grow older!!

Her children chose the San Diego Museum of Contemporary Art as the setting because at one time she taught art lessons there and just beyond the property she and her family lived in a small house that is still there. Her daughters and son attended Bishop's School and they all went to St. James Episcopal Church in the early days. So this was familiar territory for Perrietta, one rich with memories.

Her children also put on a Power Point slide show–complete with captions–of her life over the last 80 years! What fun it was to see her in the various stages.

Her three older sisters were at the party, as well. Perrietta refers to them as her best friends. Imagine the joy of being the 'baby' of the family at age 80 and still having all your siblings alive to celebrate with you. It was breathtaking to see them all together--so well, still so attractive, and 'with it.'

Perrietta's life has not been easy. She raised her children alone after a divorce and she experienced the ups and downs that are part of any life. But what I love about her most is her willingness to live forward instead of backward. She paints and travels and enjoys her children and friends and has a loyal group of art students who have studied with her for years.

Charles and I attended one of her shows at a gallery in San Diego just a couple of months ago. Perrietta is as active as ever in a variety of expressions.

I feel so blessed to know her and to hold her in my life as a model of elegance, confidence, and humility. And she is such fun to be with!

I love and admire you, Perrietta.

Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Fact and Fiction

It's a fact! I want to write fiction next. I've been at this writing game for 30 years. It's time once again for a change of pace, a change of direction, a change in my creative thinking. So I took step number one and number two. I signed up for Randy Ingermanson's e-letter on fiction writing and I joined the American Christian Fiction Writers. I'm also reading books on writing fiction. I don't know where all this will lead...but I'm willing to find out, and I'm excited about it.