Thursday, April 28, 2011

Head Start!

Here are future published writers who attended my Head Start class at the recent writers conference at Mount Hermon Christian Conference Center. What a pleasure it was to nurture their dreams, encourage their writing, and be part of their path to publication. I remember when I took the leap into my career nearly forty years ago. I wrote an article for Crusader Magazine, a small publication for boys 8-12 years of age. I called it "A Trail of Tips for First Time Campers," and earned $12.50 for my effort. I promptly had the letter of acceptance Perma Plaqued at a local shop and it hangs on my office wall to this day reminding me of the time I turned professional. I've published hundreds of articles since then, in print and on the web, and seventy books as well as a variety of other kinds of writing,

but none has warmed me as much as that first sale, when I dared to dream and then took the steps to turn it into reality--by the grace of God and by my willingness to commit. How grateful I am.

Friday, April 08, 2011

Happy Birthday To ME!

I'm celebrating another year of life and good health and send my thanks to my family and friends for making it a special day. Couldn't do this without you. And most of all, thanks to God for love, grace, peace and wisdom. Enjoyed a walk and breakfast with my friend Sherry, then visited Starbucks to pick up my FREE birthday latte, worked out at the gym while reading a romance novel and am now catching up a bit before going to my daughter Erin's tonight for dessert. A huge bouquet of the most beautiful tulips arrived just now from my daughter Julie. What more could a woman ask for! :-)