Monday, December 21, 2009

Hearst Castle Christmas Evening Tour

Son Jim and his wife Michiko joined Charles and me for our Christmas gift to each other--a tour of Hearst Castle in Central Coast California (after we visit the restrooms, it seems). Why didn't someone tell us that sign was above our heads before shooting the photo? Oh well!!

We had a great time. The castle was decorated for the holidays and all the docents were costumed in the fashions of the 1930s when William Randolph Hearst was in his heyday.

Recommend this fascinating experience.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Dancing Feet!

My eleven-year-old granddaugther Mairin was one of the lead dancers in Once On This Island, opening last weekend in Santa Cruz, California. Here she is with me, her grammy and with our family after the performance. Isn't it wonderful to see the next generation doing their thing? I love being a grandma--maybe partly because I never had a living grandmother of my own. But my mother set the example and I'm following her!