Friday, October 26, 2007

The Gift of Home

Today I'm at home--cozy inside after a cool night and an overcast morning. It's good to be here, quiet, focused, happy. I'm more aware than ever of the blessing of a house and the peace and pleasure and shelter it provides, especially knowing how many people are without homes after the horrific fires in San Diego County--where we once lived. Let's pray for strength as people rebuild their homes--and their lives. May the Holy Spirit be their dwelling place.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Giving Thanks!

Charles and I wanted to decorate--just a little for Halloween--maybe a pumpkin or two. Then we saw THIS one and had to have it for it says it all for both of us. Give Thanks. And it will carry us right into the next holiday--Thanksgiving. The older I get the more aware I become of all the blessings God has poured out and the more grateful I am. Today I'm sad too at the news of the terrible fires in Southern California, especially in the San Diego area not far from where we once lived. I remember the ravages of the fires of four years ago. This year's are even worse and some of our family members have been evacuated. It's a scary time--a time when only prayer and grace can see people through such devastation. I pray they will turn to God for what only He can provide.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Play Day with Grammy!

Today I took my four-year-old grandson Miles and his little friend Olivia (Livie, for short) for some play time. At one point, Miles ran ahead of Olivia during a running game. She had wanted to be the leader. She sat down on the curb mad and disappointed. Before I could break in and help smooth the waters, Miles ran over, laid a hand on Olivia's shoulder, and said in the sweetest voice, "I'm sorry, Livie."

"How sweet and kind of you," I said. "That was very nice."

Miles looked up at me and shrugged his shoulders. "Sometimes you just have to work it out."

(Indeed, Miles. Thanks for the reminder.)

Later he put on his socks (after having taken them off because he was too hot). I noticed they were inside-out. I mentioned this. He looked at the seams showing and said, "It's okay, Grammy. My dad always puts them on me this way."

Bein' a grandma is the greatest!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Birthday Boy!

My husband Charles turned 79 on Thursday. We spent the day in San Francisco walking, shopping, gawking, eating and driving around till we got the hang of this city by the bay. It is easy to leave your heart there--as Tony Bennett sang. I love it and now that we live closer we'll go more often. I took this photo of Charles standing in front of the famous 'sea-lebrities'––the barking sea lions on Pier 39. They are quite a sight and make lots of sounds too! It was fun to get away from our routine and play for a day. I think we all need a time-out on our birthdays.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Walking for Life

On Saturday my granddaughter (the one with the hat) and I participated in a Walk for Life to raise funds for the Santa Cruz Pregnancy Resource Center. It was a glorious sunny autumn day along the coast. We made the two-mile round trip and then enjoyed refreshments and conversation with other walkers. Later I thought about what all that meant--donating time and money to help women in crisis. How blessed I've been to have had three healthy pregnancies and to have fourteen grandchildren who arrived safely and in good health and who are all wanted and loved to the max! Life is gift. I know that now more than ever before and I am grateful to God for this treasure. I hope always to live it for His glory.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Flower Walk

I took a walk recently to see the flowers in my neighborhood. There are so many to enjoy and learn about. I also have a yard filled with lovely blooms--Princess, Heather, Ice Rose and more. Sometimes I sit at our little cafe table and just look at them. I am inspired at how they raise their sweet heads to the sun--and the Son––praising God just by being what he created them to be. It's a good reminder to me for the day to raise my head and hands to my Creator, as well, and to BE what he created me to be.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Finally, after putting it off for a year, I had some new professional photos taken. It was fun being a 'model' for a few hours as the photographer and I scouted some interesting sites for various shots. This one of me is on the front porch of an old post office, newly painted and now used for local community meetings in Aptos--not far from where I live. I'm happy with the outcome--something I was worried about, given that I am now in my last year of my sixth decade. The old cliche, "Where have all the years gone?" has never been so prominent in my mind as now.