Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Gift of Silence

Over the weekend I had laryngitis. I jumped on the Internet to find out what was the best treatment. Rest (meaning NO talking or whispering), lots of warm liquids and watery foods, gargling with salt water, and keeping the air in my bedroom moist with a vaporizer. A big fruit salad was my reward each day. During this quiet time I learned to appreciate the gift of gab. I had to stop myself from answering the phone or initiating a vocal conversation with my husband or children. Thank heaven for Facebook, Twitter, and telephone texting. But even moreso, for the space and time to be still and know that God is--and to trust that all things (including my voice) would be made new by his grace. And today all things are. I'm speaking again out loud but remembering that silence is also a gift I haven't always appreciated until now.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Secrets to Parenting Your Adult Child

Do you sometimes wonder how to parent your adult children? I do. They don't need "Mom" in the same way they did when they were kids, but they still need me and I love being there for them. For practical help and encouragement, I recommend this wonderful book, Secrets to Parenting Your Adult Child, by author and counselor, Nancy Williams. I have a free copy to give away to the first person who posts a comment here and then contacts me with name and mailing info so I can send it off.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Flower Man

When I agreed to marry Charles Flowers some thirty years ago, he told me he'd keep me in 'flowers' throughout our relationship! (And it didn't cost him a penny--since his name says it all.) Over the years we've been together, he has become the resident gardener, gatherer, and grand man of the manor. Our yard is now ready for Spring with beds of sweet Primroses, climbing Ice Roses, Princess plant blooms and assorted other beauties, thanks to my husband, the flower man. Today I look at my well-planted 'prayer garden,' and then look at Charles and thank him (and God) for the labor of his hands and heart.