Monday, November 30, 2009

It's A Wonderful (Imperfect) Lfe

If you're a woman who strives too hard to make it all right, then here's a book for you. It's a Wonderful (Imperfect) Life by Joan C. Webb, who has invited me to be a host for her blog tour. Joan is a 'recovering workaholic and perfectionist' (she is quick to admit) who now speaks nationally and internationally, encouraging women with her message of freedom and renewal.

Following is one of my favorite entries from this book of devotional readings:

Little by Little

The unfolding of your words gives light; it gives understanding to the simple.
Psalm 119:130

R-r-r-ling! R-r-r-ling! We lunged toward the phone. Grandma Joan (that’s me!) got there first.

“Your seventh grandchild, Calissa Jolie, is here!” exclaimed son-in-law, Adam. In the background I heard Calissa’s three sisters cheer.

Papa and I enjoy taking our three grandsons and four granddaughters on adventures and watching them learn about life, others, themselves, and God. Yet in our exuberance, we don’t force 1-week-old Calissa to stand alone, or 22-month-old Sam to recite the pastor’s Bible text or 9-year-old Annika to drive us to the store. We don’t expect 8-year-old Max to pitch for the Arizona Diamondbacks or kindergartner Luke to graduate from high school next year. Neither would we throw 4-year-old Lesia into a lake and yell, “Swim across, kid!” And even though 5-year-old Kirsten builds great Tinkertoy houses, we’d never insist she renovate our guest room. Obviously, these expectations would all be extremely unreasonable.

Likewise, our heavenly Father—who delights in watching us develop, too—doesn’t push us beyond our capabilities and understanding. He waits until we’re ready. If God told us everything about ourselves, the world and life all at once, we’d be overwhelmed and crushed. Instead, he encourages us based on our spiritual, mental and emotional age-level. God's gentle unfolding plan increases our insight and encourages our consistent growth.

Father, thanks for nurturing my development
little by little. Help me to be as patient as You are with
my imperfect attempts at maturity.

Make It Personal: List the ways you’ve grown during the last few months. Plan a simple celebration. What sounds fun to you?

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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Today I am thankful for life, love, laughter, family, friends, and neighbors. But most of all for the sweet fellowship of my God and Savior, Jesus Christ. Oh where would I be without you, dear Lord? You have made all things possible now and forever.

To you who are reading, thank you for visiting my blog. May you have a joy-filled season of gratitude and grace.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

No Wimps Here!

Here I am with meeting planner, Carol Hayward, of First Baptist Church of Salinas in Salinas, California last month where I spoke to the I-55ers on the beauty of aging. "Gettin' Old Ain't For Wimps" was the title of my talk based on one of my books of the same title. Every time I speak on this subject I'm reminded of what a blessing it is to grow older, to have made it this far, to have grown, and learned, and matured, and discovered that it's God grace that has brought me to this time and place. And there is much more to anticipate as long as I keep walking with Him.