Friday, July 25, 2008

Book Lovers!

My husband and I are home from Orlando, Florida where we attended the International Christian Retail Show (Christian Booksellers Association) convention. It was a wonderful few days of meetings, people-watching, delicious meals, excellent fellowship and info about the changing world of book publishing. The economy has definitely impacted publishers and book sellers and, by extension, writers. But I'm keeping in mind that God is in charge. If we do our part, He will do his. So I am back at my keyboard––keyed up about new opportunities.

While there, we enjoyed listening to our good friend and well-known speaker, Florence Littauer, as keynote speaker at an awards banquet. And I celebrated with my friend Claudia Ward at her autograph signing for her first published book, WHO SAYS A WOMAN CAN'T CHANGE? 8 WAYS TO PROVE SHE CAN (Wine Press). And I enjoyed having lunch and meetings with the staff of Harvest House, publisher of my latest book and the series behind it, THE GOLDEN YEARS AIN'T FOR WIMPS.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Today I took a hike with friends. We saw beautiful flowers, strong redwood trees, a lovely noisy brook and miles of trails that hikers before us have pounded out over time. I came home weary--but refreshed. It is so good to spend time in nature. I never give a thought to deadlines or the economy or bills or e-mails when I'm wrapped up in God's creation. Thank you, Father God, for these amazing gifts.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

More family to love!

Meet the Nepas--our new church friends, neighbors, and family in Christ. Bahati and her husband Gadi come from the Congo. Their sons Elias and Kidasi have become our adopted grandchildren--giving us 16 in all! This family has been such a blessing to us and they say we are a blessing to them. Elias and our granddaughter Mairin (in the first photo) are both going into fifth grade at Green Valley Christian School in September.